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Travel: Things to remember when you’re packing

On your war to the Sahara desert without a hat? Avoid a disaster during the holidays thanks to our check-list. When the airplane tickets and hotel rooms have been booked, the last remaining step before embarking on your incredible holiday is packing.

1. Make a list

Granted, it seems boring when it’s said like that, but even the silliest lists can guarantee a stress-free holiday. Separate what is essential from what is secondary and be realistic.

2. Make sure to pack a first aid bag

We don’t mean that you should pack what’s essential for emergencies, you should however take the essential medications which you may come to need.

3. Limit liquids

It makes us all groan, but liquids should be restricted to 100ml per bottle when travelling across Europe. Make sure to keep them in small transparent re-sealable bags. If you are transporting bottles with more than 100mL of liquids, keep them in your traveling bag.

4. Name tags to the rescue

Unless you’re an international spy, attach your name and coordinates to the name tag on your traveling bag.

5. Respect the luggage restrictions

If the airline allows you 23 kgs, that means 23 kg to the dot! Weigh your luggage before getting to the airport and make sure you meet these restrictions, otherwise they’ll have you pay an extra sum of money for extra weight.

6. Leave room for vacation shopping

Duty Free purchases and souvenirs will mean that you’ll come back home with extra space and weight in your luggage, so make sure to consider that.

7. Shoes: be reasonable.

The most important and frustration of all your luggage! The number of shoes pairs to take depends on the time you are spending there, but we recommend that you limit them to two or three pairs.

8. Keep cosmetics to a minimum

Unless you’re traveling to a remote island, you are surely going to find the shampoos and creams that you are used to using, wherever you go.

9. Roll ’em

We can argue this point for hours, but we think that the best way to pack is by rolling our clothes.

10. Keep your precious belongings in your hand-held bag

Be vigilant and keep all your precious belongings in your hand-held bag. This goes for your camera, your wedding ring, etc.

11. Don’t forget adapters

Think of buying some ahead of time to avoid buying them for ten times as much at the airport

12. Protect your fragile objects

If you have to take porcelain plates, glasses and other fragile objects, wrap them in bubble wrapping and clothes then make sure to put them in the middle of the bag.

13. Don’t imagine what the weather is going to be like, check it!

The weather may be your best friend or your bitter enemy on your vacation.

Keep room for an umbrella in your bag, but cross your fingers and hope you won’t have to use it.

14. No nail care kit on board

A friendly advice for the ladies, If you’re thinking of performing nail care on board by using a nail filer, scissors and other tools on board, you can forget all about it, they are forbidden on the plane.

15. Place the most useful objects on top.

It may seem obvious but the rush might make us forget all about it.

16. What about towels?

Towels are annoying to pack because they take up so much space. Think twice before packing them and check with the hotel to see if they offer towels, before you pack them.

17. “Stripping down” at security check

It is unlikely that you’ll be asked to take off your underwear, but it is possible that you’ll be asked to take off a few accessories at the security check. Be prepared to present your electronics as well.

18. Don’t leave the house without the essentials

Make sure you have enough money for the trip, a valid passport and, for the sake of your travel companions, a toothbrush.



Enjoy your holiday!