1. 1961

    Ouidad Hachem was born on 3 April 1961 in Dakar, capital city of Senegal.

  2. 1979

    At the age of 18, Ouidad completed her French Baccalaureate (Scientifique D) with honors. She then attended the University of Dakar, where she studied Pharmacy and pursued her passion for helping others.

  3. 1985

    6 years later, Ouidad finally received her degree in Pharmacy (Professional doctor in pharmacy degree) from the University of Dakar. She graduated top of her class.

  4. 1986

    After getting married, Ouidad moved with her husband to Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, where she opened up her first pharmacy and named it “Pharmacie de la Paix” (the Pharmacy of Peace). They lived there for about 8 years before moving again due to political instability in the country.

  5. 1994

    Ouidad moved to Paris but soon realized that she has to go back to college to get her degree in Pharmacy accredited in Europe.

  6. 1995

    Ouidad enrolled herself in Université Paris XI and wrote a new thesis all over again.

  7. 1996

    Ouidad graduated from Université Paris XI.

  8. 1997

    Ouidad opened up her own pharmacy in the popular area of Opera in Paris. She happily worked there for the next 4 years.

  9. 2001

    Eager to discover her home country, Ouidad decided to move to Lebanon.

  10. 2002

    Once again, Ouidad opened up her own pharmacy, “al-Markaziah”, but this time in Beirut’s renovated central district.

  11. 2014

    On 4 April 2014, Ouidad Hachem closed up the doors of her pharmacy in downtown Beirut and was headed home after a long day at work. The night before, she had been celebrating her 53rd birthday. But Ouidad never made it home on April 4, since she was hit by a car while walking on the sidewalk.