The Foundation

About us

The idea of launching Ouidad Hachem foundation was born on the 4th of April 2014, after the tragic death of Dr Ouidad Hachem, who was hit by a car while quietly walking on the sidewalk on her way back home, after a long working day in her pharmacy in Beirut.

The commitment that Ouidad had, for making this world a better place to live, was the reason why her younger brother Hassan Hachem officially launched the foundation on the 5th of June 2014, in order to sustain and continue her generous actions, especially in two main sectors: education and health.

In the education sector, the Ouidad Hachem Foundation is committed to making constant contributions by providing academic scholarships to eligible young candidates, as well as establishing units that support cultural and scientific researches and social actions in general.

In the health sector, the Foundation is determined to contribution by financing awareness programs in order to support the work of NGOs and non-profit associations whose vocation is to intervene in all public health fields.

The Foundation does not accept donations from third parties, persons, associations, other foundations, public or private entities. The activities of the Foundation are solely funded by the contributions of its members.


We believe in hope despite all the ups and downs in life. That is why we fight against all that is evil and unjust, in our search for all that is good and charitable, in order to share our enthusiasm and dedication with the world.


We seek to provide free support in two main sectors: education and health. We are determined to walk this path of altruism, generosity and sympathy wishing to make this world a better place. This is our daily struggle.

Message of the Founder

It is always after the big tragedies, that revives the hope and the will to sow positivity and optimism between us!
In fact, the poignant and arbitrary disappearance of Dr. Ouidad Hachem was the spark that led me to found this charitable association in order to continue her path of beneficence and goodwill.

Ouidad has physically left us, but her enthusiasm, kindness and generosity will always give the hope and the strength to share her message with the world.

This foundation allows me to continue her actions in two main sectors: education and health, which form the essential pillars for building a better future.

Help us make this world better and honor the journey of Ouidad!

Boards of Directors

Hassan Khalil Hachem


French-registered architect

Maxime S.Akar

Vice president

Master en Management

Christiane M.Jonqueres


French-registered architect