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Towards a Better Education …

Through this project, the Foundation enables students of the public sector to have access to better education by providing them with the opportunity of a better adaptation of the future tools.

In its determination to assist educational programs, Ouidad Hachem foundation has granted a donation to the Rotary Club Beirut Center for their initiation project of computing along with his Excellency the Minister of Education, Mr. Elias Bou Saab.
In a world controlled by globalization and technology, it is essential today to equip every educational institution with electronic equipment, in order to access a better education.
This project aims to provide IT facilities to disadvantaged public schools in Lebanon. It aspires to:
• To Equip 6 Public Schools with 6 computer rooms.
The schools have been equipped with digital tablets, computers and servers that are considered fundamental tools for education and general youth culture.

• To provide computer training for students and to use the computers during courses.
This will give students a new skill tool to use throughout their lives.

• To encourage teachers to use the computers in their explanation of the course.
This way, we offer an open entertainment area for the communication with students.

• To conduct computer trainings for teachers.
We allow them to acquire a new professional skill.

• To be registered as part of the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education.
“Teaching and learning in the digital era: the national strategic plan for the technologies of education.”