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The Sun: Friend or Foe?

The sun recharges our batteries. However, this star, worshipped by tens of civilizations throughout history, is one of the main reasons for skin aging, if not for melanomas, a type of skin cancer that affects thousands of people each year.
The sun no doubt cures a number of skin diseases (allergies or eczema), since our skin softens after perspiration in the sun. And, of course, the sun allows vitamin D to fix calcium in our bones, reducing the chances of osteoporosis in old people. But do you know that 5 to 10 minutes in the sun every day are enough for the human body?

Be careful while tanning

In order to prevent sunburns that weaken the epidermis, it is necessary to expose oneself to the sun progressively. This gives the skin enough time to develop a pigment, melanin, which creates a sort of shield. One has to wait at least one week (this period varies according to skin type) before developing a tan. If one tries to skip through these stages, their skin will thicken very fast and will dry up and peel.


Here are some recommendations before exposing one’s body to sunlight:
Apply sunscreen with an index matching your skin type. Apply again every two or three hours. No sunscreen can provide ultimate protection though;
Wear a hat, a cap or a scarf;
Go to the beach before 11 a.m. and after 4 p.m.;
Wear sunglasses with filter glass.

Source: Doctissimo