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The Chronic Care Center, a successful support for 6 consecutive years.

The Foundation financially supports part of the children treated at the Chronic Care Center: Mohamad, Oussama, Hassan, Alik, Kami, Mira Khaled and Abed were able to continue their treatment thanks to these donations. As every year, we get in touch to check on them.

Mohamad and his brother Oussama, both thalassemic, come regularly to the Center to participate in activities and are now managing to follow up on their chronic illness in a healthy and positive way.


Mohamad is studying nursing and his brother has just started his studies at the hospitality school.


Hassan is still a regular patient at the center. He works anytime he gets the chance due to the difficult economic conditions of the country and is very grateful for the help of the Foundation.


May, whose transplant was a success, her case is still followed up at the Center. Medical tests showed an improvement in the compatibility of his transplant. She can now attend the public school in her village, happy and surrounded by her family.


Alik and his brother Kamil still come regularly and always find support from the medical-social team. Their diabetes condition is under control and they are doing well in school.

The violin and football are their great passions and they thank the foundation for helping them every year.


Mira, 13 years old is in grade 5 with very good academic results. She comes regularly to the center and now follows a gluten-free diet to regulate her blood sugar level. This diet is unfortunately quite expensive for her parents.


Khaled is now 12 years old and very well integrated into the school. He communicates easily and is always surrounded by his family. The family suffers from serious financial problems. The help of the foundation is essential to keep taking care of him.


Unfortunately, Abdel Rahim was unable to benefit from a bone marrow transplant despite the good health of his sister (donor). The center is waiting for his condition to improve so that the foundation can sponsor the transplant.

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