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Solidarity for Beirut and Lebanon

Beirut port explosion resulted in a provisional toll of more than 200 dead, 6,000 injured and 300,000 homeless.

Following this terrible event, the Ouidad Hachem Foundation helped the most affected population and families by this tragedy.
First aid, searching for missing persons, food aid, reconstruction: The Foundation made a donation to 5 associations to meet the most urgent needs and respond to requests for support. Lebanon now, more than ever, needs international solidarity.

Below are the details of the actions and programs of each association and a link to follow up on the latest updates of the disaster of August 4.


Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross was established in July 1945 and recognized a year after by the government as a public not-for-profit organization and as an auxiliary team of medical personnel of the Lebanese army.
In 1947, the Lebanese Red Cross joined the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which today has affiliates in 191 countries.

The Lebanese Red Cross is run by volunteers, whose mission is to provide assistance to victims of natural and man-made disasters, to help people cope with emergencies and to alleviate the most vulnerable sufferings.

Humanity – Impartiality – Neutrality – Independence – Volunteering – Unity – Universality

To date, Lebanese Red Cross teams have carried out more than 6,000 door-to-door assessments to better understand and respond to the needs of the population directly affected by Beirut port’s explosion.
These information will help The Lebanese Red Cross to continue providing in-kind assistance where and when needed.

It also intends to launch a program of direct assistance will also be launched to help 10,000 of the most vulnerable families with cash money.

Since August 4 till today, the Lebanese Red Cross needs your support.

Support LRC

Arc en Ciel

Since its inception, Arc en Ciel had the mission of promoting diversity, inclusion and development.
5 programs have been established: Agriculture & Environment, Mobility & Health, Responsible Tourism, Youth Empowerment and Social Support.

Following the tragedy of August 4, 2020 in Beirut, Arc en Ciel is redoubling its efforts in order to best pursue its mission by supporting the most vulnerable people.
With 36 years of experience, Arc en Ciel has directly implemented various actions with the aim of helping victims and meeting their most essential needs by:
• Deployment of social workers and hundreds of volunteers in the field to assess the needs of affected people;
• Sending medical and technical assistance: medication, physiotherapy session, post-emergency health monitoring of injured people, crank bed, wheelchair, walker, crutches, etc.;
• Renovating damaged furniture in the Arc en Ciel workshops, by local craftsmen, and the provision of furniture;
• Collecting, sorting and recycling of glass, wood, metal and electrical appliances.

Today, Arc en Ciel is counting on your solidarity and the support of its partners and friends in order to continue its immediate actions, and develop other types of actions according to the needs identified in the areas affected by the explosion.

Beit el Baraka

Their mission is to promote the maintenance of decent living conditions for all citizens after their retirement, by helping them to fight against the increase in the cost of living.
In a spirit of respect and support, Beit el Baraka aims to provide a precise and tailor-made response to the economic and multidimensional challenges of Lebanon, which deprive many retired citizens of the most basic rights and no longer allow them to live decently.

Since August 4, Beit el Baraka has identified 3,011 houses to be repaired; 124 small stores to rehabilitate;
They have provided medical support and food boxes to thousands of people.

Lebanese Food Bank

The Lebanese Food Bank (LFB) is a non-profit organization created by a group of Lebanese businessmen in 2012.
It collects food surpluses from restaurants, hotels, caterers, supermarkets and exporters / importers of food products.This food is then redistributed, via 70 Lebanese NGOs active in various fields, to those who need it.

Their mission is to fight hunger by developing effective feeding programs.

Animals Lebanon

Animals Lebanon improves animal welfare, fighting for the adoption and implementation of comprehensive national animal welfare and welfare legislation.
Their goal is to encourage Lebanon to comply with the regulations of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
They also work to encourage and help civil society improve animal welfare.

If you have lost your pet during the explosion, have an animal injured by the explosion, have rescued a lost cat or dog, or have a pet and having difficulty taking care of it, Animals Lebanon can provide support.

For all the victims and their families, hope and solidarity are now our engine to rebuild Beirut, heal your wounds and look forward to the future.