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The path of young people supported in 2021

The Foundation continued to accompany and support young patients and their families during 2020. Despite a year punctuated by the pandemic and a difficult economic situation, the Foundation didn’t stop supporting the Chronic Care Center and the children who found themselves in an even more precarious situation. Supporting them was a priority for the Foundation and it was a big challenge in these complicated times. A look back at a particular year for everyone.

Young thalassemia

Mohamad (born in 1999) and his brother Oussama(born in 2002)


Unfortunately, these two young brothers had some relationship problems with their parents. They no longer come to the Center regularly. The social team is doing their best to motivate them and help them deal with their day-to-day problems.


Due to the complicated situation of the two children, the budget which was initially allocated for them could be used to cover the treatment of 3 other thalassemia patients: Imane, Razane and Farah that we will present to you below.


Imane (born in 2018)


The little girl belongs to a family in need. The father is a day worker (mechanic) and his salary remains insufficient to cover the basic needs of the family of 5 people, including two children with thalassemia.


Imane, affected by major thalassemia major since the first months of her life, comes regularly to the Center with her parents. She is well followed by a Desferal pump treatment. She is a young child who deserves to be accompanied.


Razane (born in 2004)


Razane was affected by major thalassemia in 2005 and has been treated since then at the Chronic Care Center where she comes regularly with her father, a teacher in a small school whose salary is not enough to meet the basic needs of the family.


Razane gets her transfusion on time and is is well followed by a Desferal pump treatment. She adheres well to her treatment and closely follows the instructions of the doctor and the paramedical team of the Center.


Razane manages her chronic illness well, and takes care of her little brothers. She’s brave at school. In the final year, she took online courses despite the difficulties imposed by the current situation in the country. She deserves to be helped.


Farah (born in 2005)


Farah is part of a poor family. Her father is employed in a security agency. He has an insufficient salary and does not benefit from any social or medical cover.


Farah has an older 22 years old brother who suffers from a serious eye problem and chronic illness. She comes regularly to the Center for her transfusions and is treated with the Desferal pump. It is well followed by the medico-social team. She attends the local public school, in second grade.


The Foundation continues to support Hassan, May, Alik, Kami, Mira and Khaled to allow them constant support through the Chronic Care Center.



Hassan (born in 1990)

Hassan comes regularly to the Center and adheres perfectly well to his

treatment the “Jadenu”. He’s a hairdresser. He still lives with his parents who also need our support and asks the “Dr. Ouidad Hachem Foundation” to continue to help him in order to better manage his daily life.



May (born in 2012)

May, whose transplant was successful, is no longer undergoing medical treatment. Her father came to the Center on 11/2/2020 to inform us that she is doing very well and is attending her classes at the village public school again. She is a bright and fulfilled little girl who owes a lot to “Dr. Ouidad Hachem Foundation” for her recovery.


Young Persons With Diabetes

Alik (born in 2006) and his brother Kami (born in 2009)

Despite the current movement and shifting difficulties, Alik and his brother Kami regularly come to the Center. Thanks to the medico-social orientation, they have full control over their health and manage their diabetes themselves.

They are well surrounded by their mother who has found a part-time job as a secretary in a consulate.

Alik is in Grade 9, studying online, and Kami is in Grade 6. These two young people who owe the improvement of their health to “Dr. Ouidad Hachem Foundation ”, wish to continue to benefit from its support


Mira (born in 2007)

Mira has grown a lot, she is in Grade 9 this year. She is very responsible and strictly follows her gluten-free diet; her blood sugar is now well regulated.

She is very friendly and is becoming more and more independent. She is always well surrounded by her family and closely follows the instructions of the team.

He father is a worker; her family is struggling financially and needs to continue to be supported.


Khaled (born 2008)

Khaled is in the Grade 7 class. He is becoming more and more independent and is managing his diabetes well.

He is very sociable and well surrounded by his parents who accompany him. His very large family of 9 people is encountering financial difficulties, aggravated by the current economic situation of the country. The medical follow-up at the Center and the support provided by “Dr. Ouidad Hachem Foundation ”are beneficial and essential to Khaled.

It is essential for the Ouidad Hachem Foundation to help these young patients to cope better with their disease and to grow serenely