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Progress Facing Cancer: Support for A Research Center

The cancer research covers several areas: it aims to better understand the mechanisms of the disease, to prevent it if possible, to detect it earlier and to better treat it.

This research allows finding as many remedies as possible in a short time given the enormous growth of cancer worldwide.

Today, the focus is on the interactions between basic laboratory research, clinical research and researches done on populations.

The primary objective is to accelerate the development of treatments and to seek ways of preventing and diagnosing cancer.

Ouidad Hachem Foundation today supports a laboratory at the forefront of progress in cancer research.

This laboratory is located in Paris and works in collaboration with many doctors and researchers in France and abroad to develop tests used for screening, detection and monitoring of cancers for a number of patients.

Researchers from this laboratory have also developed a screening test for Down syndrome (trisomy 21) during pregnancy to better manage this disease with babies by preparing parents in advance. They also developed a test for the detection of serious infections such as septicemia. These tests are used by most analysis laboratories around the world and especially in Lebanon.

This laboratory belongs to the Unity of Chemical and Biological Technologies for Health (UTCBS *) of the University of Paris Descartes, is led by Professor Dominique Bellet, both physician and pharmacist, who earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacy from the same university as Dr. Ouidad Hachem.

This laboratory allows the foundation to support the research and the creation of tests which thousands of patients will benefit from. The foundation continues the wish of Dr. Ouidad Hachem of helping the greatest number possible.