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Like Parent, Like Child

In September, 2012, Axa Prevention, an association concerned with the advancement of responsible behavior when it comes to road safety, published three books in the purpose of spreading awareness among parents and children on the issue of road safety.

Each book is dedicated to a certain age group:

Children aged between 3 and 5: Pay Attention, Suzon!

Children aged between 6 and 8: Manon Takes the Road to School!

Children aged between 9 and 11: Leon Shows Off on his Bicycle!

It is well-known that the behavior of parents is the most important element in child education. However, according to a survey conducted in France, 2 among every 3 French parents have crossed the road outside the pedestrian crossing destined for them and 37% of parents have crossed the road even when the pedestrian light was red.

Moreover, 91% of these same parents believe that they have a large influence on the behavior of their children.

This sheds light on the importance of educating both parents and children when it comes to road safety.