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How to protect yourself from police violence at a protest

Protecting yourself from police violence at a protest, which may begin at any moment, requires taking the following steps:


–           Having a backpack along with you so you can be on the move and clear out from danger zones, in addition to carrying a first aid kit.

–           Carrying a physiological solution in small bottles or a bottle of water to wash out your eyes if tear gas is used. Do not put contact lenses on and do not take them off. Do not close your eyes, but wash them immediately and let your tear system work and take its course.

–           Carrying shawls or napkins to avoid breathing tear gas in (soak it and add a little vinegar or lemon juice on it. Vinegar and lemon oil are slightly acidic and when mixed with water, produce a buffer solution, chemically speaking). People suffering from asthma and respiratory distress should take care as they are more at risk.

–           Carrying swimming goggles to put on when tear gas is used in order to protect the eyes.

–           Carrying gloves (any kind would do) to be put on in order to have clean hands to help out a peer.

–           Avoiding exposing your flesh by wearing clothes that cover your whole body. This would of course prove to be difficult on a sunny day.

–           Carrying a first aid kit (strips, sterile compresses, cotton, cleaning wipes, a solution to disinfect cuts and wounds).

–           Cereal and chocolate bars in case of a breakdown.


As long as you are not hurt yourself, you can help the elderly, children and pregnant women.


Several studies show that tear gas is considerably toxic in confined spaces and certain deaths can be attributed to using it. When a person is present at a place where tear gas is used and is not able to go outside (which is the case for the elderly and babies), they risk dying fairly quickly. This is due to pulmonary complications and/or asphyxia.


These toxic gases contain strong irritating elements for the mucosa and the tear glands.


Long term effects can be split into 3 categories:


–           A mutagenic and therefore cancerous effect of the products.

–           A teratogenic effect: Pregnant women would risk having babies with malformations.

–           A necrosis effect: A pneumophatological effect can take place and become irreversible.


These toxic gases can be rapidly absorbed via the pulmonary tract, a great part of which would then be hydrolyzed and eliminated by the kidneys, through the urine.


Here are a few tips on how to limit the risks, the effects and the dangers of tear gas. If it has been used, relax and don’t panic.


–           Get as far as possible from the crowd.

–           Do not touch your face and do not rub your eyes.

–           You must blow your nose and spit out to let out the chemical products.

–           You must rinse your eyes.

–           Pregnant women are advised to increase medical monitoring of their pregnancy and people who have had pulmonary problems because of tear gases are advised to X-ray their lungs.

–           If you experience lasting pulmonary discomfort, see a pulmonologist.


Carry a camera with you to capture police violence in order to have proof when filing a complaint.


Do not move alone during or after the protest, no matter what you do. Always stand with another person. Do not let go of them and do not lose sight of them. If you must run, grab them by the hand, or by the sleeve.



Take care to NEVER carry an object that may be considered as a weapon, in case of an arrest. You are the democrats and the peaceful people, not them.