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General Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activity has many advantages and is an excellent way to prevent chronic diseases. Practicing physical activity regularly has many benefits, some of which you may never have expected:

·         It helps you to stay in good physical shape and, in addition to improving your sports performance, it facilitates daily activities.

·         It protects you against cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infraction and angina), regardless of your age.

·         It protects you against some types of cancer, particularly breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men, as well as colon cancer in both sexes.

·         It reduces the risk of diabetes and helps to better balance blood sugar levels (glycaemia).

·         It improves blood pressure.

·         It is effective in maintaining perfect shape and can reduce the risk of obesity.

·         It reduces the risk of back pain.

·         It improves sleep.

·         It is effective in combating stress, depression and anxiety.

·         It improves the process of aging and protects against the loss of autonomy.