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For the Second Year in a Row: the Ouidad Hachem Foundation “Gold Sponsor” in Beiteddine

For the second year in a row, the Ouidad Hachem Foundation has sponsored the 28th edition of the spectacle organized by ALBA 2nd year students in decorative arts.

“Anonymous” took place on Saturday, July 11, in the square court of the Beiteddine palace.

This collective student work is perpetuating a tradition began by Jackie Dardaud-Achkar in 1987, maintained by Dean Georges Haddad and later on by his successor André Bekhazi.


The spectacle, which makes part the students’ curriculum, was conceived to raise awareness in students on what they have learned during their two years at university, whether concerning space, lighting, colors, volume or the interaction of these components.



According to Samer Eid, the heroes of “Anonymous” have neither name nor country of origin. He describes the spectacle as follows: “They live in the corners of our daily lives, in the tracery of a tangible reality. They live off the winding of our personal and collective imagination, and it is only to better nourish multiple virtual lives. Our heroes wander across all the lands in which they proliferate, and never lose energy. Stories, you say? If they ever tell stories, they are never epics about acts or bravery. Our heroes are just like us, made of dust. To be sure, that is why they might seems very ordinary. However, the panoply of powers they possess emancipates them as extremely clever mercenaries, all-powerful masters of their own universes. Our heroes struggle to fight defeatism in order to cast aside shadows and chimeras. Superobjects and alter egos, hypervillains and antiheroes – “Comic Strip” in formation – confront each other incessantly during their encountering and become legion. Our heroes are those who struggle to one day inspire the new revolution. Our tributes for all heroes, whether real or fictional.”