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“Everything Is Design” Beauty and Emotion!

Ouidad Hachem organization has sponsored a new cultural event named "Everything is design” in its quest to encourage young artists in their journey of creativity and education.

The opening reception hosted by Rola Osseiran of the FloukArt Association was held on September 26th 2015. The exhibition remains open until 11th of October at Bait Al-Madina, in Tyre.

About Bait Al-Madina
Bait Al-Madina was built by the family ‘Mamlouk’ in the 19th century and became one of the most beautiful areas of its time. In 2010, the municipality of Tyre bought the house in order to install artistic, socio-cultural and educational projects as well as to use it in educational activities.
Bait Al-Madina is located in the old district of Tyre, and faces one of the most important archaeological monuments of the city: the site of the Roman church which gives the house a cultural and historical dimension.

About “Everything is design!”

 The idea of “Everything is design” is derived from a belief that innovative designs of images and things can change our habits, the way we work, and the way we live.
Designs can be used to create and / or to reflect the sense of identity. This project has crystallized into a collective work of 23 talented and brilliant artists who have won numerous awards.
“Everything is design” opens “Blue Windows” (زرقا شبابيك) for people, especially young people who will be able to see, visualize and understand the creative thinking process of design artists who are participating in this initiative. This gives viewers the opportunity to learn and better understand the applications of design in different contexts, through the printed pages / final products that are being placed next to the drawings, images and original collages.

“Everything is design” seeks to encourage the appreciation of illustrations and humanize illustrators, designers and creators who produce them.
These illustrations / drawings / collages / doodles, whether created digitally or manually, are an artistic work that could be applicable in the field of business.
Ultimately, everything – including people, ideas and objects in the exhibition – is the visual culture in which we live. It is a blend of beauty, humor, comics, sociopolitical rants and products that can be wore and used.

“Everything is design” provides updates on artists who experiment with the materials, texts and images and develop new methods of expression that stimulate the emotions that can create happiness, laughter, anger … it is a kind of refreshing optimism, perspective revitalization that young artists offer for the contemporary culture.
It is in this perspective that Ouidad Hachem foundation seeks to register in order to build a better future in a society that needs more creativity and education.