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A New life for the little Reem!

On April 4th, Ouidad Hachem Foundation made a donation to the Chronic Care Center to cover all the expenses of thalassemia treatment, essential to young Oussama, Hassan, Ali, Alik and Kami, but more importantly, it gave hope to the small Reem who now has a chance of recovery and has the ability to lead a normal life!

Reem, born in 2008 was affected since birth by major Thalassemia, which is a severe and early type, characterized by an anemia, requiring regular red blood cells transfusion. Malnutrition, diarrhea, irritability, recurrent fever outbreaks, splenomegaly and hepatomegaly are all symptoms of this disease that can occur at any time, along with frequent visits to the hospital.

Reem was admitted at the American Hospital of Beirut (AUBMC) on 09/07/2015 in order to undergo a bone marrow transplant (BMT) on 09/19/2015. However the small Reem and her family emotionally suffered because the donor was none other than her little sister Rima who is 4 years old. (Photo 2).
Reem was grafted and medically followed by Dr. Miguel Abboud. (Photo 4).

She left the hospital on November 4th 2015 with a new hope of life!