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10 places to travel to with your family

1. Denmark


If a certain budget is secured, the Denmark is an excellent destination for a family trip. Explore  Copenhagen’s Tivoli gardens, an amusement  park built in 1843 and looks as though it came right out of a fairytale. You can also enjoy concerts, fireworks and surprisingly delicious foods. Another must is Legoland (from the Danish leg godt “play well”) which includes a small cubed Miniland made out of plastic; these attractions target preteens, in particular.


2. Thailand


Few countries offer children welcomes as warm as the one offered by Thailand. Explore the temples, the delicious cuisine, the monkey population, and the dreamy beaches. Children would also be on cloud nine when visiting this exotic country.




Is the beach the only thing that’s on your mind? In this case, Belize is a small Caribbean haven for families. This very compact, wallet-friendly , and English-speaking country will reveal fascinating fauna on the land (the howler monkey and crocodiles) as well as underwater, only a scuba and a diving mask away (tortoises and harmless nurse sharks). On the beach, the children will learn to play percussion instruments.


4.Kerala, India


The chaos, the colors, and the wonders of India make it a sensational destination for the whole family: the elephants, the palaces, the trains, the beaches, the jungle and the wild life;  all rally to make the parents and the children happy. If the country’s beat is too intense for your plans with your children, go for the family package: the Kerala. The scenery is greener, more peaceful in this more relaxed region. Even the food is less spicy, due to the usage of coconut milk.


5.New York


New York with its movie-like je ne sais quoi, really is magical. This is undoubtedly due to its yellow taxis, the frenzy, and the iconic building that we all know so well from TV or the movies, and from many songs in which they are described. The Big Apple is a destination that brings joy to travelers of all ages, with its museums, Central Park and the High Line, hot-dog stands and pizza places in Little Italy.


6 . Oman Sultanate


With its clear water, its immense hotel complexes, its magical dunes and its subtropical climate in the north, Oman is the ideal place for a family getaway. After exploring Muscat, a traditional white city by the sea, explore the desert for a journey on camelback and a Bedouin-style night under a tent. Unwind on the beaches of Shargiya, and don’t forget the turtle shelter of Ras al-Jinz.


7.Prague, Czech Republic


Having children does not mean no historic countries, and Prague is an ideal destination for a change of scenery. This perfect-sized city can be visited on foot or by tram(to children’s delights). The architecture looks like it’s right out of a fairytale, there’s a high set castle, and the atmosphere in the old town and on Charles’ bridge are absolutely electrifying.




For the Italians, la famiglia, is sacred. There will be no need for you to go to a specific child-friendly holiday residency. The Italians will give you a very warm greeting wherever you go, and you will feel at home even in the most sophisticated restaurants. Italians are used to seeing kids at restaurants and the children sleep very late. Other attractions include pizzas, the best ice creams in the world, the beach, the boats the lakes, the grottos, and the mountains.


The Italians vacation during the sweltering heat of July and August, so expect over-booked hotels but a good enough ambiance. Summer is also the festival season.