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The Chronic Care Center – Constant support is essential

The Ouidad Hachem Foundation has been supporting the Chronic Care Center and sick children for the past 5 years. Alik, Kami, Hassan, Khaled, May, Mira, Mohamad and Osama were able to continue their treatment thanks to the Foundation’s donation.

Mohamad and his brother Osama, both thalassemic, regularly come to the Center to participate in activities and manage their chronic illness in a healthy and positive way.

Mohamad, who is now 19 years old, has passed his 9th grade certificate and is studying hard to become a nurse, while his 16 years old brother Oussama, has good academic results in grade 8.


Hassan is much better now. He is still being treated from thalassemia while working as a hairdresser for men. He comes regularly to the center with his sister who is also affected.


Alik and his brother Kamil are well integrated in their school and are happy thanks to the support provided by the Ouidad Hachem Foundation. They are now under insulin pump and their diabetes is treated well. Alik plays very well on the violin and participates in all activities of the center. His brother who is very sporty, joined a football team.


Mira, 12, in 7th grade class, has very good academic results. Since April 2018, she has developed a gluten allergy, which unfortunately complicates her diet but she is always happy and smiling. Thanks to the summer camps organized by the Chronic Care Center, she became more autonomous in the management of the disease.


Khaled is very well integrated at school. He is now 11 years old. His visits to the Center are very assiduous and he participates in all activities. Thanks to the Julliet 2018 camp in Zahlé, he was able to bond with other children and became more sociable. Thanks to the donation of the foundation, he is benefiting from a new adapted treatment.


It has been almost a year since May was able to receive a bone marrow donation. She is still under medical supervision to avoid the risk of rejection (which is 60%). She can’t go to school yet and is recovering with her family.


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