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Seminar on fatigue and somnolence behind the wheel at the Alba University

As part of road safety prevention, the Ouidad Hachem Foundation organized a seminar at the ALBA University, tackling the dangers of fatigue and somnolence behind the wheel, which is a major cause of fatal accidents. The seminar was held in collaboration with the YASA Association, AMPM (Association Moving Towards Preventive Medecine) and the Dr. Hisham Nas yoga center ANANDA.

On July 3, 2015, Arts and Communications students from the ALBA University listened to Mr. Akl’s (President of the YASA Association) introduction on the history of YASA. He enumerated the various factors leading to fatal accidents and spoke about the statistics of traffic accidents in Lebanon.

Dr. Elie Farah (President of the AMPM Association) explained the consequences of chronic lack of sleep on health and the importance of driving only when completely vigilant.

Dr. Hisham Nasr then told students how to relax before driving by showing them how to perform yoga breathing exercises called “Bhastrika” and “Kapalapati”, which can be performed while sitting in the car seat. These exercises are good to restore energy after spending all night working at university.

By addressing students, who are the future actors of civil society, the Ouidad Hachem Foundation hopes to contribute in awakening the sense of responsibility in everyone and in changing the mentality of drivers in order to make the roads safer for people and to prevent the loss of human lives.