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Produce Less trash

The best sort of trash is the one that isn’t produced at all! The Economic Office of the Province of Namur (OPN) suggests many daily tips and tricks to limit the production of trash, through easy steps: How to limit food wastes, how to compost, going for re-use, waste less paper…

Wasting less is a win-win situation for us all!

Limiting food waste


The OPN is on the case of food waste, in order to reduce the production of trash. Buying food just to throw it out later is:

Wrong in the social context: as malnutrition affects a great part of our planet.

Wrong in the environmental context.

Wrong in the economic context: The global Belgian deficit related to food waste amounts to around 1.4 billion Euros per year and that’s far more than the waste taxes.


Food waste: Making use of leftovers


The Environment department of the OPN is hunting down food waste. In the weeks to come, we will give you tips and tricks to limit to the abundant waste and money hole. You will be able to find documents on this site with useful tips and recipes.


Compost and reduce the amount of green and organic waste


Individual composting is quite easy!

Composting the rest of your food, peels, withered flowers, etc., reduces the amount of trash to a considerable degree. It is fairly easy to compost using an individual compost ditch, wood pallets or simply by forming a simple heap!


Reduce the usage of dangerous products


Many products labeled “sanitizing”, “disinfecting”, “hygienic” and “germ killing” are spread over the isles of supermarkets around us. They are part of an aggressive marketing scheme made to sell products that are not altogether indispensable and more often than not, rather expensive. There are alternatives that allow one to reduce the quantity and the harm inflicted by this sort of products.


Extend the life of objects by reusing them


The OPN encourages the reuse of objects so as to minimize the negative impact of trash over the environment and gives tips and tricks in the guide “reusing goods is for my own good”, in addition to a repertoire of local and non-commercial organisms. The OPN also organizes punctual collections of toys and bikes that are then redistributed to social associations.


Reducing paper waste


Reducing paper waste at home, at school and at work is an important factor.

Electronic and digital resources are a good alternative to paper and help reducing its waste.


Use reusable cups during events


The OPN urges event organizers to use reusable cups, via structured partnerships. These plastic cups can be washed a reused at will. This helps to reduce waste production during an event by 70% to achieve a cleaner location.


A better sorting of Trash

A good trash sorting is the basis of optimal recycling. To achieve maximal recycling, selective collections are to be done and every individual should sort out their trash in an appropriate way and be able to distinguish the kinds of trash:

Organic waste

PMC (Plastic, Metal and Carton) plastic bottles and flasks, metallic wrapping and drink cartons



Bulky trash

Domestic waste          


Good sorting also means saving up!