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Latest news about the Children supported by the Chronic Care Center, which for more than 20 years has been fighting for health care access for young people

For the 4th year in a row, the Ouidad Hachem Foundation is contributing to the development of the center by financing treatments for sick children. Mohamad, Oussama, Hassan, Alik, Kami, Mira, Khaled and Mehdi have and are being taken care of by the center and the donations from the Foundation have helped to fund part of their treatment.

Mohamad and his brother Oussama, diagnosed with Thalassemia, are regularly supervised by the Center. Their treatment is essential and they benefit from continuous therapeutic supervision.


Mohamad, who is now 18 years old, is very involved in humanitarian causes. He recently donated his hair to cancer patients from St Jude at AUH.

They now attend the school in their village and are doing much better, Thanks to the instructions of the medico-social team.


Hassan, 27 years old receives regular medical supervision and an adapted treatment that allows him to manage his illness more easily. He works at a hairdressing salon and this new and less traumatic treatment makes his life easier.


Alik and Kami, 11 and 8 years old, come regularly to the Center and receive regular medical supervision that allows them on the one hand to continue their schooling and on the other hand to get involved in the activities of the Center.

Today, they are doing well thanks to their treatment.


Mira, who has been diagnosed with Type I diabetes and has been supported by the association since 2016, has learned how to control her blood sugar levels and to prick herself.

Thanks to the Center’s follow-up, she was able to participate in a diabetic children’s camp in Qatar, as well as a summer camp in Zahlé and these experiences allowed her to better manage her chronic condition.


Khaled, 9 years old is well surrounded by his family and supported by the Ouidad Hachem Foundation who is taking care of his treatment and providing him with a complete medical security.

He is doing his best to comply with the instructions of the medical team, binding for a child of 9 years, but thanks to the new insulin and monitoring Chronic Care Center he is now able to better understand and manage his disease.


Medhi 2 years old, thanks to the donation of the Foundation, had underwent a bone marrow transplant in November 2017 at the AUH. He is supported by the Chronic Care Center since the first months of his life. 

Mohamad, his five years old brother, a 100% compatible donor, allowed his little brother to go back to his normal life. He no longer needs a transfusion or a chelator.


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