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Donation renewed in 2018 for Chronic Care Center

The Ouidad Hachem Foundation, very committed to sick children, is supporting the Chronic Care Center again this year.

Thanks to the Foundation’s donation, Mohamad, Oussama and Hassan, who are being treated for thalassemia, as well as Alik, Kami, Mira and Khalad, who are suffering from type 1 diabetes, will have their medical treatment covered again this year. These children will not only receive care, but also follow-up and comfort with the help of Chronic Care Center.


The Foundation allowed May, 6 years old, affected by major thalassemia, to receive a bone marrow transplant.

Originally from the Bekaa, May’s family could not afford to cover the expenses of her treatment. Her father who is a caretaker, is doing his best to support his family consisting of 7 members.

May’s sister, Batoul, 9 years old, turned out to be the only 100% compatible donor. The operation was successful and May is gradually recovering.


Since 4 years and until now, The Ouidad Hachem Foundation follows the evolution of children’s health, and is very attached to their moral support at the Chronic Care Center. Treatments are the basis of follow-up, but children also need to be surrounded as it gives them extra motivation to fight and overcome the disease.