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How to Drive Safely

According to the Delegation for Traffic and Road Security in France, “each infringement of traffic rules and any dangerous behavior in general could put your life at risk, or that of your passengers or any other person on the road. The best way to avoid harm is to be fully aware of the risks and to drive safely.”

The Delegation offers many tips on how to drive safely on its website, as well as explanations concerning the effect of various factors on driving, such as alcohol, cannabis, speed and fatigue.



Alcohol is responsible for one of every 3 fatal accidents.

It was the cause of death for 331 young people aged between 18 and 24 in France in 2010.

Even at low levels, alcohol directly affects the brain: it limits eyesight, slows down reflexes, impeaches the synchronization of movements, etc.

If you’ve drank alcohol, do not drive, or simply let someone else drive instead of you. Do not get in a car with a drunk person.



Driving under the influence of cannabis has major risks, including the inability to control one’s trajectory, slower reflexes, lower levels of attention and vigilance, false sense of security, etc.



By driving at high speeds, drivers limit their eyesight, risk losing control over their vehicles and become more vulnerable to fatigue and loss of vigilance.



Fatigue and drowsiness are two of the most dangerous risks on the road. Among the many signs of fatigue and/or drowsiness are eye tingling, stiffening of the neck, back pain, fix eyesight, difficulty to stay awake, etc. Upon sensing such alerts, drivers must pull over and rest.