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Back Pain: Clay Poultice

How to treat back pain? Clay is widely used to relieve and treat lumbago and back pain in general. The clay poultice is an excellent natural medicine recommended by grandmas around the world.

Grandma’s Medicine for Back Pain

1-      Mix clay with water in order to obtain a paste.

2-      Heat the paste in an oven for a few minutes.

3-      Apply the warm poultice over the area causing pain.

4-      Leave the poultice for 1 hour.


·         3 tablespoons of powder green clay.

·         2 tablespoons of mineral water.


·         A glass container.

·         A wooden spoon.

·         A piece of cloth.

Grandma’s Advice

·         Do not use metal utensils for preparing the clay paste, since metal eliminated the healing properties of clay.

·         Renew the poultice if necessary. Never use the same poultice more than one time. Throw the poultice away after usage.

·         Where to buy powder green clay? It is available in many bio-shops and parapharmacies, and it can also be bought online.

·         Never leave the clay to dry.

·         You can simultaneously use grandma’s hot water bottle to relieve your pains.