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Advanced Vehicle Telematics will Reduce Car Accidents

Telematics is a field in technology encompassing telecommunications, road safety, electrical engineering, computer science and many other disciplines. It includes but is not limited to sending, receiving and storing information serving to control a remote object, GPS and navigation technologies, vehicle tracking, fleet management and wireless vehicle safety systems.

According to ExtremeTech, telematics also serves to “make your car safer, keep you from getting lost, summon roadside assistance at the press of a button, route you around accidents, auto-dial 911 if you’re in the accident, and start your EV charging at 2 a.m. when rates are cheapest.”

Below are some of the ways in which telematics can make driving much safer for people:

Telematics includes the feature of automatic collision notification, which notifies a call center in case a car accident occurs and the call center summons help. It also includes a Help or SOS button that allows drivers to summon help for an emergency other than car accidents – such emergencies can vary between mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, empty fuel tank, or any case requiring roadside assistance. Because of the embedded GPS in your car, you do not need to give the emergency team directions to your location.

Telematics also report of the condition of your car by running a periodic vehicle diagnosis, in addition to giving traffic information, suggesting alternative routes and providing weather information.

Another feature of telematics is the vehicle locator, which can give you the exact location of your vehicle via a smartphone app. It can also send you a text message alert if your car alarm sounds.