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4 of Grandma’s Remedies to Treat the Flu

The symptoms of the common flu are very well-known: body aches, fever, chills and running nose. To eliminate this virus, grandma has these secret recipes:

DIY Syrups

Coughing is a very recurrent act when we have the flu. In order to avoid this nasty symptom, it is possible to prepare three types of syrup: garlic syrup, horseradish syrup and leek syrup. Choose the flavor that suits you best. All three syrups have the same antiseptic qualities.

The good old chicken syrup

Inflammation is commonly caused by an agglomeration of white blood cells. Get rid of this by tasting a warm, delicious chicken soup.


The qualities of honey, lemon, clove and thyme must not be disregarded when it comes to the flu. Drink several infusions containing these ingredients every day.

The legendary grog

By perspiring, the body gets rid of impurities and weeds out the viruses and bacteria of the flu. Preparing a grog every now and then is a trick that must not be overlooked.

Source: Source: Grands-Mères – Le blog des remèdes, recettes et astuces