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A call for help on LBCI – Financial Assistance to Ali’s Treatment

Following the broadcast on LBCI of Hawa El 7orriyeh show presented by Joe Maalouf, to call for a financial help for Ali, the Ouidad Hachem Foundation decided to help him after all the tests he’s been through.

Ali Souki, has lost the use of his feet due to an accident during a business trip with his father.

In a first call for donations to fund his treatment and realize his dream of walking again, play football again, he unfortunately didn’t succeed in raising the necessary amount.


Following the death of his father, Ali’s desire is now to be able to walk to help his family and provide them with their needs. Due to this disastrous situation, the show wished to call again for the help and generosity of all and help the boy and pay for the many operations necessary for his recovery.


Emotionally involved during the broadcast of the show on the 17th of May 2018, the members of the Foundation made a donation to support the courageous approach and the tenacious will of this young boy.


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