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10 Natural Remedies for Sunburns

Have you had a little too much sun and you're now holding back from howling with pain? Not to worry, we have found you 10 natural risk-free solutions to ease the pain from your sunburn. So instead of hurrying to a drugstore and purchasing 15 tubes of Biafine in preparation for the terrible nights to come, how about you just look in your fridge or out into your garden? Oh yes, never underestimate the power of everyday food that can sometimes come to your rescue a lot more efficiently than pharmaceutical remedies. Here is the small list of tips that we've gathered for you.

Ease sunburn pain with:


– Natural yogurt: It relaxes and hydrates the skin. Just apply 15-minute poultices, and gently rinse them away with cold water.

– Lemon juice: a refreshing and antiseptic remedy that will help your skin to regenerate. Dilute the juice of one lemon in cold water and apply compresses of the mixture onto the desired area. Repeat this process until you can see an improvement.

– Beaten egg whites: their lovely fluffy protein-rich texture is armed with calming properties that will help you ease the pain.

– Baking soda: surely the best way to fight the felling of fire spreading in your skin, hydrate your skin and allow its reconstruction.  Just dilute 1 tsp of baking soda in 250 mL of cold water. Apply compresses of the mixture and repeat until you no longer feel a burning sensation.

– Calendula oil: this agent, famous for its healing and soothing effect, is ideal for skins turned fragile or irritated and helps with their reconstruction.

– Green clay: when mixed with water, the produced mud helps the healing process while stopping inflammations. Apply two-hour poultices and rinse with cold water.

– Tomatoes: this fruit, highly concentrated in vitamin A offer your skin the essential elements for its reconstruction, in addition to helping prevent blisters. Just apply slices onto the sun burnt area for a few minutes.

– Honey: with its hydrating and soothing properties, honey will nourish your skin and prevent its peeling.

– Aloe vera: the go-to remedy for burns, irritated skin and even superficial cuts. With its fresh texture and in-depth penetration, aloe vera combines the powers of hydration and healing. If you happen to have a plant growing in your garden, just cut one of its branches and apply the leaves’ colorless gel onto your skin. If not, purchase some in a tube from an organic store.


Bonus for sensitive sports: the eyelids



– Green tea: grandma’s remedy works great to soothe sensitive spots. The skin over the eyelids is far too sensitive, so one cannot apply a cream onto it without gravely irritating the eyes. To relieve sun burn pain, simply infuse two green tea bags and then soak them in a bowl of very cold water. You can then apply them on your eyes until you feel an improvement.